Human Pleasure radio 16th October 2023…..all eyes might be on this.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

The Warlocks – I Think I’m Done With You [In Between Sad LP]
Dancer – Love [As Well EP]
ÅRABROT – We Want Blood [Of Darkness and Light LP]
Young James Long – Blood On The Hood [Orogeny LP]
Mope City – Laminating The Classics [Population 4 LP]
Teen Idle – Birthday Cake [Nonfiction LP]
Heatmiser – Can’t Be Touched (Cavity Search single) [The Music of Heatmiser LP]
The Sand Pebbles – Field Of The Lord [The Angagonist LP]
Under The Sun – Submission [Robot World LP]
Self-Immolation Music – Kaleidoscope [Infinity Trip LP]
The Poison Arrows – All These Kids [Crime and Soda LP]
Waste Man – White Horse [Waste Man EP]
Lightheaded – Love is Overrated [Good Good Great! EP]
Sufjan Stevens – A Running Start [Javelin LP]
Black Mekon – Cheap Date, Expensive Drugs [NEAT! EP]
Unschooling – Erase U [New World Artifacts LP]
Versing – Nowhere [Tape II LP]
Big Special – Desperate Breakfast [Bs Sessions]
Blue Ocean – Take A Care [Fertile State LP]
Bodies Of Divine Infinite And Eternal Spirit – Song For Love [All The Songs I Know About Fire LP]
Crash – Castrato [Crash LP]
Dick Move – Under My Skin (A Love Song) [Wet LP]
ENOLA – Looking Back [All Is Forgiven LP]
Feeling Figures – Across The Line [Migration Magic LP]
FREEZ – Chanel [Icebreaker LP]
julie – catalogue [single]
Laguna Goons – Teachers [single]
Human Interest – Mixing Paint [Empathy Lives In Outer Space EP]
ONYON – Two Faces [Last Days On Earth LP]
Spiritual Cramp – Better Off This Way [Spiritual Cramp LP]
Hooveriii – The Tall Grass [Pointe LP]
JW Paris – You’ve Got Me [single]
Blonde Redhead – Snowman [Sit Down For Dinner LP]
Hotline TNT – Out of Town [single]

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