Human Pleasure radio 27th August 2018….they surely wouldn’t know?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Arc Iris – $GNMS [Icon of Ego LP]
King Dude – I Don’t Write Love Songs Anymore [Music To Make War To LP]
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – My Shadow Life [With Animals LP]
Basement Revolver – Wait [Heavy Eyes LP]
Bloodletter – Protection [Protection EP]
Concrete Lawn – Concrete Lawn [Demo CS]
Nun – Pick Up the Phone [The Dome LP]
Sextile – Spun [3 EP]
Papercuts – Laughing Man [Parallel Universe Blues LP]
(Sandy) Alex G – Bobby [Live at Third Man Records LP]
Buzz Kull – Avoiding the Light [New Kind Of Cross LP]
Trevor Powers – Clad In Skin [Mulberry Violence LP]
Yeule – Pocky Boy [single]
Interpol – Mountain Child [Marauder LP]
J Mascis – See You At The Movies [Elastic Days LP]
Lala Lala – Water Over Sex [The Lamb LP]
Mudhoney – Paranoid Core [Digital Garbage LP]
Snapped Ankles – Tailpipe [Four To The Forest Floor EP]
Ultra Beauty – Get Pure [Ultra Beauty LP]
Masses – Worthy [Masses EP]
The Vryll Society – When the Air Is Hot [Course of the Satellite LP]
Ethers – Modern Dating [Ethers LP]
Section 25 – Chase The Blue [Elektra LP]
Holiday Inn – Dirty Town [Torbido LP]
Traps PS – Tradition [New Chants LP]
Average Sex – Sociopath [Melodie EP]
Big Supermarket – Personal Pronouns [1800 LP]
Say Sue Me – B Lover [single]

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