Human Pleasure radio 27th November 2017….Thanks for your help today.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

W.H. Lung – Want [single]
Bad Daddies – Panama Papers [Over 30 Singles LP]
Clustersun – Antagonize Me [Surfacing To Breathe LP]
Loomer – Lack [Deserter LP]
Flogging A Dead One Horse Town – Don’t Worry, You Won’t Feel A Thing, Hopefully  [single]
Canshaker Pi – Pressure From Above. [single]
Alien Nosejob – Family Dinner [Panel Beat EP]
Flat Worms – White Roses [Flat Worms LP]
Color Tv – Paraoxteens [Paraoxteens / Night After Night 7”]
Embedded Figures – Bully [Dark Artery LP]
Line & Circle – Vicious Folly [single]
Last Leaves – The World We Had [Other Towns Than Ours LP]
A Certain Ratio – Crippled Child (The Graveyard) [The Graveyard And The Ballroom LP]
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Victoria [Rot LP]
Camp Cope – The Opener [single]
Suss Cunts – Newby [single]
Escape-Ism – Almost No One (Can Have My Love) [Introduction To Escape-Ism LP]
Melkbelly – Middle Of [Nothing Valley LP]
Shame – One Rizla [single]
Moderate Rebels – When The Cost Has No Value [single]
Palm – Pearly [Rock Island LP]
Life – Earthworm [Popular Music LP]
Bi-Hour – All Work And No Facial Piercings Makes Jack A Dull Boy [Regional Indifference LP]
Hurricane Heart Attacks – Ocd [OCD 7”]
Paves – Baby [single]
Big Heet – Mirror [On A Wire LP]
Monster Treasure – No Hope [II LP]
Strange Ranger – Warm [Daymoon LP]
Darlene Shrugg – Freedom Comes In A Plastic Card [Darlene Shrugg LP]
The Stroppies – No Joke. [The Stroppies LP]
Cup – Let Me Go [Hiccup LP]
Aidan Moffat – Roy’s Wife From Govanhill [Songs That Weren’t To Be LP]

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