Human Pleasure radio 29th January 2024…..getting quite good at this.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Ginnel – S, M, XL [Swab Scalpel Sponge LP]
Pity Party – Gnarbage [Sick Sad World Survival Guide LP]
Guest Directors – From This Distance [single]
Curling – Patience [No Guitar LP]
autogramm – Dive Right In [Music That Humans Can Play LP]
KARA DELIK – Strange Attractor [All the Singularities (I-IV) LP]
Chemtrails – Bang Bang [The Joy of Sects LP]
Bhajan Bhoy – Kosmos Klub [Shanti Shanti Shanti LP]
Decommissioned Forests – Insert Your Name [Bread to the Ducks EP]
Mal Ride – Park Dreaming [Chimera Landscape LP]
NewDad – Let Go [MADRA LP]
Roy Montgomery And Friends – Sky [Broken Heart Surgery (An Agony In Six Fits) LP]
To Destroy A City – Buried [Only To Fall LP]
Torres – Wake To Flowers [What An Enormous Room LP]
The Umbrellas – Gone [Fairweather Friend LP]
Volksempfänger – How We Made It Seem [Attack Of Sounds LP]
YĪN YĪN – Komori Uta [Mount Matsu LP]
The Sweet Kill – Forbidden [single]
Sweet Williams – It’s Them (Donga’s Thing) [Beach Don’t (STOPTHISWABBI, Nat Mellors and Donga Remixes) EP]
Gifts for the Earth – Ricochet [Gifts For The Earth LP]
Hot Garbage – Lowering [Precious Dream LP]
La Femme – Télégraphe [La Femme ressort EP]
Pale Lights – Waverly Place [Waverly Place LP]
Lilts – Dodge Street [Waiting Around LP]
Kreidler – Hopscotch [Twists (A Visitor Arrives)] LP
SPRINTS – Can’t Get Enough of It [Letter to Self LP]
Adult Jazz – Dusk Song [single]
Bored at My Grandmas House – Inhibitions [single]
Chalk – Claw [Conditions II LP]
MELTS – Figment [Field Theory LP]
Talk Show – Red/White [Effigy LP]
VIAL – falling short [burnout LP]

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