Human Pleasure radio 4th September 2017….I’m full of what?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Chromium Hawk Machine – They’re Buying Time [Annunaki LP]
Church Of Goya – Full Rotation [EP]
Sounds Like Winter – Gritar [Sticks And Stones LP]
Ema – I Wanna Destroy [Exile In The Outer Ring LP]
Sam De La Rosa – I Hear The Swine [Earth Wart 12″]
Suicide Generation – Set Me On Fire [1st Suicide LP]
The Hayman Kupa Band – Red Petal [The Hayman Kupa Band LP]
Acid Baby Jesus – Guide Us In [Lilac Days LP]
Infinity Girl – But I’m Slow [Somewhere Nice, Someday LP]
Milk Teeth – Fight Skirt [Be Nice LP]
Naomi Punk – Gotham Brake [Yellow LP]
Crash City Saints – Use Once Then Dispose [Are You Free? LP]
Lava Divers – Inside His Eyes [Plush LP]
Pikacyu-Makoto – Space Sumo [Galaxilympics LP]
Robert Sotelo – Let’s Transcend [Cusp LP]
Lil Tits – Casey [The Usual LP]
Natterers – War Whoop [Toxic Care CS]
Oh Sees – Nite Expo [Orc LP]
Nervous Twitch – She’s So Hip [Untitled LP]
Cabbage – A Network Betrayal [The Extended Play Of Cruelty LP]
Pregnancy – First Kiss [First Kiss EP]
Psycho Comedy – Michigan State [The Hangman EP]
Sachet – Todd [Portion Control LP]
Stacian – Telephonix [Person L LP]
Even As We Speak – Slugman [The Black Forest LP]
The Ocean Party – Strike [Beauty Point LP]
Sparrow People – I Thought Of You [I Thought Of You 7″]
The Bomber Jackets – Legends Never Die [Kudos To The Bomber Jackets LP]
Luke Mawdsley – Slow Worm [Obsessive Compulsive EP]
Flat Worms – Motorbike [Flat Worms LP]

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