Human Pleasure radio 11th September 2017….I just stepped out for a mo’

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Die Nerven – Angst [Live In Europa LP]
F Ingers – All Rolled Up [Awkwardly Blissing Out LP]
The Shifters – Contrast Of Form [A Believer 7″]
Death Rays – The Shape Of The Night [7″]
Flowers – Say 123 [Say 123 7″]
Sports – Making It Right [Split 7″]
L A N D L I N E S – Hanging Around [S/T LP]
Leal – Play This Songs [Don’t Hype This LP]
Ocs – Memory Of A Cut Off Head [Memory Of A Cut Off Head LP]
Boyo – Departed [Split EP]
Magic Potion – Rest Yr Skull [Split 7″ with Boys]
Cobra Man – Weekend Special [New Driveway Soundtrack LP]
Dinner – Illusions [New Work LP]
Flesh World – To Hell With Your Purity [Into The Shroud LP]
Lali Puna – Deep Dream [Two Windows LP]
Dead Leaf Echo – Strawberry.Skin [Beyond.Desire LP]
Maneka – Power [Is You Is LP]
Mick Trouble – Miss Margaret [It’s The Mick Trouble EP]
Partner – Creature In The Sun [In Search Of Lost Time LP]
Rainer Maria – Broke Open Love [S/T LP]
Casper Skulls – You Can Call Me Allocator [Mercy Works LP]
The All Golden – Air [424 EP]
When The Sun Hits – Lie To Me [Immersed Within Your Eyes LP]
Darto – Aging [Human Giving LP]
Pet Crow – How Are You Wired? [How Are You Wired? 7″]
Sleaford Mods – TCR [Live at Glastonbury Festival]
Slender – Suddenly I See [Walled Garden LP]
Sir Robert Orange Peel – 18-30 Loutraki 85 [single]
Robert Sotelo – Cusp [Cusp LP]
Spinning Coin – Sleepless [Sleepless LP]
T House – Stuck Pig [A Horse And I Must Kill LP]
Tera Melos – Warpless Run [Trash Generator LP]
Heat Wave – Nightmare [Rice Is Nice Mixtape Vol. 4 CS]
Sneaky Feelings – Other People’s Lives [Progress Junction LP]

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