Human Pleasure radio 5th June 2023……God save the King.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Wombo – Slab [Slab EP]
Sweeping Promises – Eraser [Good Living Is Coming For You LP]
RVG – Common Ground [Brain Worms LP]
REBEL YELL – TNT (feat Black Dahlia) [Single]
Ringlets – Nightmared [Ringlets LP]
Cash Savage And The Last Drinks – Keep Working At Your Job [So This Is Love LP]
Skating Polly – Send A Priest [Chaos County Line LP]
Morgan & The Organ Donors – Clouds Of Dawn [M.O.D.S. LP]
Immaterial Possession – Ancient Mouth [Mercy of the Crane Folk LP]
Cathedrale – An Alibi [Words/Silence LP]
Iguana Death Cult – Oh No [Echo Palace LP]
Virgin Orchestra – Bond [Fragments LP]
Smaller Hearts – This Is How [Rock And Roll Was Here To Stay LP]
Low Praise – Supermind [Dressing LP]
House Of All – There’s More [House Of All LP]
The Room – Red Admiral [Restless Fate LP]
Chiyoda Ku – Slipping [Selecta Perspective LP]
Naretha Williams – Tender Kill [Into Dusk We Fall LP]
Moody Beaches – Only Us [Acid Ocean LP]
Motorama – Not Really [Sleep, and I will sing LP]
Wine Pride – Where Did You Go? [Wine Pride LP]
Live Skull – Turn Up the Static [Party Zero LP]
Planet Birthday – Song Du Jour [Celestial Person LP]
Star Funeral – Half Whole, Half Empty [In The Dark LP]
Emperor Zero – Absalom [Nights of the Hunter LP]
Dust – Ward 52 [et cetera, etc LP]
Marta and Tricky – Walking [When It’s Going Wrong LP]
Katie Gately – Chaw [Fawn / Brute LP]
Debt Rag – Say Ah! [Lost To The Fantasy LP]
Soft Plastics – Disembody [Saturn Return LP]
Nightbus – Mirrors [Way Past Three / Mirrors LP]
Daughter – Junkmail [Stereo Mind Game LP]
The High Water Marks – Trouble From The East [single]
Hey Colossus – My Name In Blood [In Blood LP]
Gorgeous – Tooth [Sapsucker LP
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – One Silhouette [Wicca Phase Springs Eternal LP]

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