Human Pleasure radio 5th March 2018…If I sent you poison would you bite my hand?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Mark Peters – May Mill [Innerland (Large Scale Version) LP]
The Scottish Enlightenment – Keep The Cats Outside [Potato Flower LP]
Lowtide – Window [Southern Mind LP]
Fontaines DC – Boys In The Better Land [single]
American Pleasure Club – There Was A Time When I Needed It [A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This LP]
Sick Balloons – Dial Away [Drive​-​thru Towns & Flyover States EP]
Mastersystem – Notes On A Life Not Quite Lived [Dance Music LP]
Belly – Shiny One [Dove LP]
Happy Accidents – Wait It Out [Everything But The Here And Now LP]
Hot Snakes – Death Camp Fantasy [Jericho Sirens LP]
Gift Wrap – Losing Count [Losing Count LP]
Stonerpop – Headglow [Physical Business EP]
Wylderness – Peripheral Vision [Wylderness LP]
Yeah You – Suppress Not Root Warning [Vhod LP]
The Lovely Eggs – Wiggy Giggy [This Is Eggland LP]
Second Still – Opening [Equals EP]
Superchunk – Reagan Youth [What A Time To Be Alive LP]
The Keep Left Signs – Wizard [Tomorrow LP]
Special Interest – The State, The Industry, The Community & Her Lover [Spiraling EP]
Vintage Crop – Gerald Part 2 [New Age LP]
Forth Wanderers – Not For Me [Forth Wanderers LP]
Alien She – Feed Me [Feeler LP]
The Orielles – Snaps [Silver Dollar Moment LP]
Death Pedals – I Am A Loser [Death Pedals LP]
Hex – Billboard [The Hill Temple LP]
Dream Nails – Vagina Police [Double A Side 7″]
Guided By Voices – Gold Star For Robot Boy [Ogre’s Trumpet LP]

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