Playlist for Monday, August 11th indie tunes galore!

In concert series

The Kills
These New Puritans that are spinning on the turntable this week

Crystal Stilts-The Sinking [Self Titled]
Xu Xu Fang-Good Times [The Mourning Son LP]
Jack and The Beanstalks-Telephones Tvs and Computer Screens [Demo]
ddd-Drown [ddd EP]
Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya-Before [Myspace]
Blank Dogs-Epic Moves [On Two Sides LP]
Horrorpops-Boot2Boot [Kiss Kiss Kill Kill LP]
Je Suis Animal-Amundsen [Self-Taught Magic From a Book LP]
Late Of The Pier-Mad Dogs And Englishmen [Fantasy Black Channel LP]
Oxford Collapse-For The Winter Coats [Bits LP]
Pen Expers-Switch [Baby’s Gone Straight LP]
The Imaginaries-Funeral Babe [Imaginaries & Nico LP]
Mansions-The Worst Part [Mansions EP]
S.C.U.M.-Wild In Blue [Myspace]
The Great Northwest-Did It Once [The Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest LP]
The Ting Tings-Shut Up And Let Me Go [Shut Up And Let Me Go CDS]
The Tamborines-Come Together [31st Floor single]
Van She-Cat & The Eye [V LP]
Women-Lawncare [Self-Titled LP]

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