Playlist for Monday, January 5th 2009, happy new year!

Happy new year to all, I hope that 2009 works for you as you would like it to.

I did a bit of listening over the break and want to share the tunes, so….

Japanther-Um Like Your Smile Is Totally Ruling Me [Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt LP]
Kid Canaveral-Teenage Fanclub Song [Couldn’t Dance single]
Rose Elinor Dougall-Another Version Of Pop Song [single]
Faded Paper Figures-The Persuaded [Dymamo LP]
The Molotovs-I Told You Before [Single]
Shrag-Cupboard Love [Shrag LP]
The Computers-Please Drink Responsibly [You Can’t Hide From The Computers LP]
Headless Heroes-Just Like Honey [The Silence Of Love LP]
The Unkindness Of Ravens-Dead Air [Myspace]
Then We Take Berlin-A Little Less Closer [myspace]
Ceremony-Dream Of Only You [Ceremony/Screen Vinyl Image Split LP]
Screen Vinyl Image-Fever [Ceremony/Screen Vinyl Image Split LP]
Wilderness-Silver Gene [(K)No(W)Here LP]
Her Space Holiday-Same Song Sing Along [Sleepy Tigers EP]
Jugoplastika-Polinice [The 6th is the 7 LP]
Kuroma-Searching For A Sheep [Paris EP]
Memory Cassette-50mph [Rewind While Sleepy EP]
Rah Rah-Tentacles [Going Steady LP
Freezepop-Only You (Yazoo cover) [Buffetlibre Rewind 2 download]
The Mocks-Enola Gay (OMD cover) [Buffetlibre Rewind 2 download]
Sportsday Megaphone-Ever Fallen In Love (Buzzcocks cover) [Buffetlibre Rewind 2 download]
The Brother Kite-Get On Me [Moonlit Race EP]
Sambassadeur-Final Say [Final Say single]
Sky Larkin-Somersault [The Golden Spike LP]
The Church Animals-Berkeley Bumper Stickers [The Bathtub EP]
The Kiss Off-Laying Dead [Brace LP]
The Killer Meters-Black Mountain [Dance Move Shake! EP]

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