Playlist for Monday, June 10th 2013….correct for $10000

A fun filled show of mutha pucking rocknroll, all at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..  

….on with the show 

Jesse RuinsLaura Is Fading    [A Film LP] 
Grey HairsWilful Accidents    [Grey Hairs 7″] 
GrmlnDo You Know How It Feels?    [Empire LP] 
DrapeWanted You To Stay    [Canicular Days LP] 
Midnight JuggernautsSugar And Bullets    [Uncanny Valley LP] 
Joy And RevolutionPointless Points    [Synthophonic Lush LP] listen/buy
LegsRounded Edges    [Pass The Ringo LP] 
Savages – No Face    [Silence Yourself LP] 
BeachesWeather    [She Beats LP]
John GrantYou Don’t Have To    [Pale Green Ghost LP] 
Bloody KnivesNothing Can Save You Now    [Death 7″]
Uncle Acid And The DeadbeatsEvil Love    [Mind Control LP] 
Wild NothingRide    [Empty Estate EP] 
Fair OhsCitric Placid    [Jungle Cats LP] 
Secret Colours Who You Gonna Run To    [Peach LP] 
Psychlops EyepatchMunchausen By Proxy    [Paranoise LP]
Vår The World Fell   [No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers LP] 
The SweetsI Want To Wear Your Shoes    [Chow single] freedownload 
Me After YouSomeone To Hate    [Foughts LP]
The Living EyesEat It Up    [Eat It Up 7″] 

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