Playlist for Monday, March 16th 2009, Eurosonic Festival live and indie tunes galore!

Live session this week recorded at the Eurosonic festival mid January featuring..

Le Corps Mince de Françoise

….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

Broken Spindles-The Moist Red Mess [Kiss/Kick LP]
Death Of London-White Wire [Single]
Get Him Eat Him-Utility [The Throat Is Bent EP]
Green Man Says Go-You’ve Had Enough [single]
Daily Bread-The Regular Sunday [myspace]
Flamboyant Bella-Absolutely Wankered [myspace]
Hot Silk Pockets-Ooh Ooh [Panda Eyes Single]
Hatcham Social-Hypnotise Terrible Eyes [You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil LP]
Navvy-Documentary [Idyall Intangible LP]
LR Rockets-Lovesucker [Lovesucker/Cameron Is Connected EP]
Johnny Foreigner-DJ’s Get Doubts [DJ’s Get Doubts single]
Royal Bangs-Russian Goodbye [We Breed Champions LP]
Manicure-I Don’t [Manicure LP]
Raven Beats Crow-Geronimo [myspace]
Poppy & the Jezebels-Rhubarb & Custard [Rhubarb & Custard single]
Skeleteen-Not This Time [No Fun Intended LP]
Right Turn Left-So Far So Good [Take a Look Outside EP]
Spider And The Flies-Jungle Planet [Something Clockwork This Way Comes LP]
Starvation Box-Dead Today [myspace]
The Thermals-When We Were Alive [Now We Can See LP]
Friendship-The Graveyard Shift [myspace]

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