Playlist for Monday, May 16th 2011…and we’re back

Back to regular programming….ish. So after being a cheat and just jamming tracks together I have sorted my shit out…now I sit in my small home office and talk to a box of 7″ records which are holding my microphone up at the correct height so I can talk to you all…ah technology.

Austra-Beat And The Pulse [Feel It Break LP]
Bearsuit-When Will I Be Queen? [The Phantom Forest LP]
Belong-Perfect Life [Common Era LP]
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat-A Short Song To The Moon [Everything’s Getting Older LP]
EMA-Milkman [Past Life Martyred Saints LP]
Golden Glow-The Cure [Tender Is The Night LP]
The Dwarves-I Masturbate Me [The Dwarves Are Born Again LP]
Dutch Uncles-Cadenza [Cadenza LP]
Gross Relations-Blame The Records [Blame The Records single] free download
Hills-The Vessel [Master Sleeps LP]
[aftersun]-Don’t Touch [Pain Sounds EP] free download
Colourmusic-You For Leaving Me [My _____ Is Pink LP]
Joe Lally-Why Should I Get Used To It [Why Should I Get Used To It LP]
Blank Dogs-Waiting [Collected By Itself: 2006-2009 LP]
Zola Jesus-Night-Live in studio [myspace]
Chapter 24-LOVE [LOVE EP]
Love Inks-Leather Glove [E.S.P. LP]
Ducktails-Sprinter [III: Arcade Dynamics LP]
Esben and the Witch-Chorea [Violet Cries LP]
Soviet Soviet-COBRETTO [Frank (Just Frank)/Soviet Soviet EP]
JEFF The Brotherhood-I’m A Freak [Live at Third Man Records LP]
Planningtorock-Doorway [W LP]
Shepherds-Daytime Stories [Holy Stain EP] free download
Soft Kill-Sea of Doubt [An Open Door LP]
SPC ECO-Here I Am [Big Fat World EP]
Thee Oh Sees-Whipping Continues [Castlemania LP]
The Wooden Birds-Folly Cub [Two Matchsticks LP]

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