Playlist for Monday, May 2nd 2011…announcer free radio

Sorry about the late post, I’m getting later and later in posting these…I’ve been busy. Back to regular programming soon.

All Tiny Creaturs-An Iris [Harbors LP]
Mood Rings-Washer [Sweater Weather Forever LP]
Ty Segall-Woodland Rock [Ty Rex EP]
TV Ghost-The Inheritors [Mass Dream LP]
Tropic of Cancer-A Color [The Sorrow Of Two Blooms LP]
The Cakekitchen-My Beautiful Fire Tamer [Kangaroos In My Top Paddock LP] Buy the LP, limited to 300
The Black Angels-Melanie’s Melody [Phosgene Nightmare LP]
Terry Malts-Where Is The Weekend? [I’m Neurotic 7″]
Sweet Bulbs-Acid and TV [Sweet Bulbs LP]
Sunshower Orphans-Rockaway Vespers [Avenue Abyss LP] freedownload
Sonny and the Sunsets-Reflections On Youth [Hit After Hit LP]
SLEEP∞OVER-Casual Diamond [Casual Diamond 7″]
Shepherds-Tears of a Clown [Holy Stain EP] freedownload
Psychedelic Horseshit-Laced [Laced LP]
Prurient-Many Jewels Surround The Crown (The District) [Many Jewels Surround The Crown single]
Pinback-Sherman [Information Retrieved Pt. A 7]
Pheromoans-Shift Happens [It Still Rankles LP]
Peoples Temple-Pretender [Sons of Stone LP]
Natural Child-Hard Workin’ Man [1971 LP]
Naked On The Vague-The Fridge [Twelve Dark Noons LP]
Jookabox-Worms [The Eyes of the Fly LP]
Johnny Foreigner-What Drummers Get [Certain Songs Are Cursed EP]
Implodes-Screech Owl [Black Earth LP]
Honeydrum-Itchy Throats [Vacation EP] freedownload
Hills-Rise Again [Master Sleeps LP]
Girls Names-Nothing More To Say [Dead To Me LP]
Gold Bears-Totally Called It [Are You Falling In Love? LP]
The Generationals-I Promise [Actor-Caster LP]
Epic45-Ghosts I Have Known [Weathering LP]
Beach Fossils-Golden Age (Live) [iTunes Live: SXSW]
The Starvation Box-HEAVEN FU(_X_) [myspace rip]
HUNX and his PUNX-Too Young to Be in Love [Too Young To Be In Love single]
Last Remaining Pinnacle-Students Of The V.U [split single]
Cloud Nothings-Forget You All The Time [Cloud Nothings LP]
Ducktails-Sprinter [III: Arcade Dynamics LP]

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