Playlist for Monday, November 17th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week from These New Puritans

…and on with the tunes

Baddies-Battleships [Battleships single]
Bells For Rene-Silent Disco [Myspace]
This Town Needs Guns-Lemur [BSM Autumn Collection download]
Blank Dogs-Slow Room! [Myspace]
Clinic-Tomorrow [Tomorrow CDS]
Comet Gain-Beautiful Despair [Broken Record Prayers LP]
Computerclub-Fragile Minds [Before The Walls Came Down LP]
Dead Or American-A Border Crossing [A Border Crossing single]
Esser-Satisfied [Satisfied single]
Epic45-The Stars In Spring [May Your Heart Be The Map LP]
Celestial-Crystal Heights [Crystal Heights LP]
Foot Village-Clubtraxxx I-III [Clubtraxxx I-III single]
goFASTER-Heather’s Loaded / McCartney’s Blown It [Magazine Addictions LP]
Ill Ease-When Suddenly, The Evil Twin Arrives! [Turn it Loose! LP
Jay Jay Pistolet-Happy Birthday You [Happy Birthday You EP]
Joy Of Sex-There Are No Giants [Joy Of Sex EP]
Lonelady-Intuition [Army single]
Magnetic Morning-No Direction [A.M. LP]
Now, Now Every Children-Sleep Though Summer [Cars LP]
Peter Parker-Swallow the rockets [Demos]
Plug-Fresh Pleasures [Fresh Pleasures single]
Sad Day For Puppets-Marble Gods [Unknown Colors LP]
The Lovely Eggs-I Want To Fall Off My Bike Today [Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs? EP]

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