Playlist for Monday, September 7th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…

No live session this week so a big fat two hour of indie goodness.

and on with the show..

(space in brackets)-Begin To Stop [The Album LP]
O.Children-Dead Disco Dancer [single]
Fleeting Joys-Destroyer [Occult Radiance LP]
Generationals-Bobby Beale [Con Law LP]
A Sunny Day in Glasgow-Passionate Introverts [Ashes Grammar LP]
Dial M For Murder!-You Said [Fiction Of Her Dreams LP]
Baddies-Who Are You? [Do The Job LP]
Bats-Star Wormwood [Red In Tooth & Claw LP]
Eight Legs-Just So You Know [The Electric Kool-Aid Cuckoo Nest LP]
The Big Pink-At War With The Sun [A Brief History Of Love LP]
Box Elders-Hole in My Head [Alice & Friends LP]
Cable-Palm Sunday [The Failed Convict LP]
Electric Assembly-Broken [White Splinter EP]
Lord Auch-To The Shithouse [To the Shithouse EP]
The Deathnotes-Seismic [The Deathnotes EP]
T54-Chicken Roll Model {myspace]
Yo La Tengo-Periodically Triple Or Double [Popular Songs LP]
Zak Sally-Grow Feathers [Fear Of Song LP]
Male Bonding-Year Not Long [Split With Eat Skull 7″]
Wussy-Happiness Bleeds [Wussy LP]
Vivian Girls-I’m Not Asleep [Everything Goes Wrong LP]
A Place To Bury Strangers-The Light [New Tales To Tell – A Tribute To Love And Rockets LP]
Young Widows-Easy Acting [Split with My Disco 7″]
The Cribs-Curse This English Rain [Cheat On Me single]
The Postmarks-Don’t Know Till You Try [Memoirs At The End Of The World LP]
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-103 [Higher Than The Stars EP]

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