Human Pleasure radio 15th October 2018….now with even more music.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Spain – Maya in the summer [Mandala Brush LP]
Spiritualized – The Morning After [And Nothing Hurt LP]
Calvin Johnson – (I’ve Still Got) Sand In My Shoes [A Wonderful Beast LP]
The Spirit Of The Beehive – Hypnic Jerks [Hypnic Jerks LP]
The KVB – On My Skin [Only Now Forever LP]
Skyjelly – Night Princess [Black Powder Sunrise Girl LP]
Public Practice – Fate, Glory [Distance is a Mirror LP]
Magic Potion – Shock Proof [Endless Graffiti LP]
Tzitzifriki – High Tempo Laugh [Sun Sneeze LP]
Estrons – Body [You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough LP]
Thalia Zedek Band – Fighting Season [Fighting Season LP]
Brat Farrar – Come On Back [Come On Back LP]
Strange Ranger – New Hair [How It All Went By LP]
Wingtip Sloat – Porch Song [Purge And Swell/The Lost Decade LP]
The Underground Youth – Take Me Awry [Fill The Void LP]
Noughts – Trunk [Noughts LP]
Rivulets – Everything Goes [In Our Circle LP]
Kristin Hersh – Loudmouth [Possible Dust Clouds LP]
The Lonely Parade – Olive Green [The Pits LP]
Sextile – Drop You [3 LP]
Straight Arrows – Headache [On Top LP]
Doe – Heated [Grow Into It LP]
The Staches – The Great Depression [Great Depression LP]
Public Memory – The Line [Demolition LP]
Southern Culture On The Skids – Soul City (2018 B.C.) [Bootleggers Choice LP]
Repo Fam – Skip To My Lou [Repo Fam LP]
Ah! Kosmos – Wide [Beautiful Swamp LP]
Fröst – Keratin [Matters LP]

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