Human Pleasure radio 22nd January 2018….the curve, the chocolate line!

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Yo La Tengo – She May, She Might [There’s a Riot Going On LP]
Minor Crime – 18 (Shocking Pinks Cover) [single]
Traams – A House On Fire [VA The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5 LP]
Blackwater Holylight – Sunrise [Blackwater Holylight LP]
Frankie Rose – M [Seventeen Seconds LP]
The Cavemen – Lust for Evil [Nuke Earth LP]
Cold Meat – Nice Girls [Pork Sword Fever EP]
Camp Cope – The Opener [How to Socialise & Make Friends LP]
UBIK – The Fly [EP]
Suuns – Watch You, Watch Me [Felt LP]
Preoccupations – Espionage [New Material LP]
Lunar Grave – Collapsed Horizon [The Sunstruck Forest LP]
Half Japanese – Why Not? [Why Not? LP]
Jeff Rosenstock – Powerlessness [POST- LP]
JOB 6 PAC – I Blame Rock N Roll [Pronounced Johb Siks Pak LP]
Shame – Donk [Songs Of Praise LP]
Starcrawler – Loves Gone Again [Starcrawler LP]
Prism Tats – Daggers [Mamba LP]
Tomorrows Tulips – Certain Frantic Quality Make It Hard To Breathe [Single]
Honey Beard – Robot Heart [Dreamless Sleep LP]
Little Star – Even in Dreams [Even In Dreams LP]
Salad Boys – Blown Up [This Is Glue LP]
Jaguwar – Crystal [Ringthing LP]
The Breeders – All Nerve [All Nerve LP]

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