Human Pleasure radio 8th May 2023……learning though play.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Me Lost Me – Festive Day [RPG LP]
The Toads – Tale Of A Town Split In Two [In The Wilderness LP]
First Class And Coach – Rock Musician [Neon Hip LP]
The Clientele – Blue Over Blue [I Am Not There Anymore LP]
DAIISTAR – Tracemaker [single]
7ebra – I Like to Pretend [Bird Hour LP]
Pale Air – Death Valley [Manifesto On Ice LP]
Deuce – Blue [Wild Type LP]
Washer – Not Like You [Improved Means to Deteriorated Ends LP]
Nabihah Iqbal – The World Couldn’t See Us [Dreamer LP]
Rob I. Miller – Wedge [Companion Piece LP]
Sunfruits – Feeling Fine [One Degree LP]
Legless Trials – My Little Corner [Chlorinate The Scene LP]
Buddie – Class Warfare [Agitator LP]
Boxset – Art [Hunt LP]
Morgan & The Organ Donors – Freeze The Time [M.O.D.S. LP]
Low Hummer – Connected [single]
Loins – Monument [Loins LP]
Lawn Chair – Sunset Heartbreak [Eat The Beans And Wear The Jeans! LP]
Hollywood Slasher – Patiently [Charmbreaker LP]
Deary – Fairground (Hide In Glass Mix) [Fairground EP]
Chalk – Static [Conditions EP]
Wesley Gonzalez – When I Rot [Wild Garlic EP]
Thee Alcoholics – Power [Politicians, Kill Yourself 7″]
Special Friend – Selkie [Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In LP]
Panic Pocket – Get Me [single]
Horse Jumper of Love – Heartbreak Rules [Heartbreak Rules LP]
Comfort – No Honest Work [What’s Bad Enough? LP]
Glow In The Dark Flowers – Still Close To Me [Glow In The Dark Flowers LP]
The God In Hackney – Philip [The World In Air Quotes LP]
C.O.F.F.I.N – Cut You Off [single]
Wireheads – Hook Echo [Potentially Venus LP]
Rose City Band – Slow Burn [Garden Party LP]
Cindy – Earthly Belonging [Why Not Now? LP]
Baba Ali – Make U Feel [Laugh Like a Bomb LP]
Sinaïve – Parasite [Répétition EP]
Jean Mignon – Asshole On A Moped [AN / AL LP]
Nicole Yun – Lost Keys [Matter LP]

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