Human Pleasure radio 4th May 2020….it’s good for the country.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Simona Castricum – The Half Light [Panic/Desire LP]
Clan Of Xymox – Lovers (Hante. Remix) [Lovers EP]
Re-TROS – 8+2+8 I [Before The Applause LP]
Cold Meat – Industry Sleaze [Hot and Flustered LP]
Princess Thailand – First Time [And We Shine LP]
Powerplant – Evidence [A Spine / Evidence 7″]
Yard Act – The Trappers Pelts [single]
Day Wave – Empty [Crush LP]
Screens 4 Eyes – Sometimes a Gate Is Opened single]
Battery Operated Orchestra – The Getaway [The Getaway EP]
Weak Signal – Rolex [Jerome / Rolex single]
P.E. – Dirty Plumage [Person LP]
Pure X – Fantasy [Pure X LP]
Dead Ghosts – Bad Vibes [Automatic Changer LP]
Alice Bag – Lucky [Sister Dynamite LP]
The Cool Greenhouse – Life Advice [The Cool Greenhouse LP]
Sachet – Kaleidoscope Museum [Nets LP]
Moor Jewelry – No Hope [True Opera LP]
Macula Dog – Red’s Corvette [Breezy LP]
Laundromat – Slow Clap [Blue Ep]
Document – Pity [A Camera Wanders All Night EP]
Houses of Heaven – Pathwork [Silent Places LP]
Public Practice – Compromised [Gentle Grip LP]
The Lice – Torture Porn [Hoarder House UFO LP]
The Love Coffin – Seasick [Second Skin LP]
Sleepies – On Again [Time V Pleasure LP]
Harper’s Jar – dandy golden blue [Thank You Ancestor Finger LP]
T. G. Shand – Fields To Flower [Golden Hour EP]
Petshop Ox – Don’t Eat Bats [single]

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