Human Pleasure radio 9th October 2017….That look, it used to mean more.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Scanner – Savage Is Savage [Fibolae LP]
Heaters – Thanksgiving Il [Matterhorn LP]
Dame – Hush [Dame EP]
Shopping – The Hype [single]
Patsy – Heathen [La Women EP]
The Spook School – Still Alive [Could It Be Different? LP]
Husky Loops – Fading Out [EP2]
Gestures – Kicks [Bad Taste EP]
BLAHA – The Day We Were Born [Fresh Horse EP]
Salad Boys – Fred Gavin (Radio Control Live To Air) [Giving Compliments To Strangers CS]
Other States – Come Back To Me [single]
The Dayoffs – Love Love Love [The Dayoffs LP]
Blacklisters – Disco [Dart EP]
Display Homes – Climate Change [Display Homes 7″]
Nachthexen – Debbie Downer [Disco Creep 7″]
Object Collective – So Much Fun [It’s All True LP]
The Honeydrips – DCI Gates [Give Each Other Some Solace LP]
Pylon Reenactment Society – Beep [Part Time Punks Session EP]
The Plan – Landline [Nervous Energy LP]
Upper Wilds – Vampire Crane [Guitar Module 2017 LP]
Mr. Yolk – Star Light Head Light [Self Portrait LP]
Summer Fiction – Since You’ve Gone With That Boy [single]
Weaves – Walk Away [Wide Open LP]
White Wine – Falling From The Same Place [Killer Brilliance LP]
Miniatures – Without Saying [Jessamines LP]
Luxury Death – Diluted [single]
Wolf Parade – You’re Dreaming [Cry Cry Cry LP]

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