Playlist for Monday, December 1st, London Calling Festival Part 2!

First off I suggested that Annie play some interesting Aussie music sticking with her theme here so I sneaked in the fine track that is

DZ-The Mess Up [Myspace]

Thanks to Die! Die! Die! for spreading the word. Check out the video for the track here, you need to, it’s great!

Live session this week recorded at the London calling Festival early November featuring…

Hatcham Social
Electricity in our Homes
The Hot Melts

….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

Dirty Fingernails-Misery Is Easy [Greetings From Finsbury Park, N4 LP]
Disco Doom-Laser Storm [Dream Electric LP]
Emmy The Great-We Almost Had A Baby [single]
goFASTER-Friendly Fire [Magazine Addictions LP]
International Jetsetters-Inside Yourself [Heart Is Black EP]
Its A Buffalo-Marbles [single]
Man Flu-Prince [Myspace]
Ming Ming And The Ching Chings-Secrets Of Men [single]
Now, Now Every Children-We Know Martha Webber [Cars LP]
Midnight Movies-Should Have Known [Nights EP]

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