Playlist for Monday, July 21st-5 Days Off and others!

In concert series-Live at 5 days Off Festival May 2008

We Smoke Fags that are spinning on the turntable this week.

These New Puritans-Swords Of Truth (Alt. Mix) [Swords Of Truth EP]
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!-Oh, Look a Grenade! [Be Yr Own Shit LP]
Wake The President-You can’t change that boy [Myspace]
Cars Can Be Blue-Hope You’re Hurting [Doubly Unbeatable LP]
Cocorosie-God has a voice [God has a voice single]
Crystal Stilts-Converging In The Quiet [Self Titled LP]
CSS-I Fly [Donkey LP]
Findo Gask-Va Va Va [Va Va Va single]
Ipso Facto-Ears and Eyes [Myspace]
Future Of The Left-Suddenly It’s A Folk Song [Manchasam single]
Jaguar Love-Bats Over The Pacific Ocean [Take Me to the Sea LP]
Kasms-Siren sister [Taxidermy 7″ Single]
The Novocaines-Empress Of Russia [Digital Disco EP]
Sir Yes Sir-Bass Hit [Myspace]
Plastic Passion-We have come so far [Contrived Imagery LP]
The Early Years-Like a Suicide [Like a Suicide 7″]
Pissed Jeans-Caught Licking Leather [Sub Pop 300! CD]
The Accidental-I can hear your voice [I Can Hear Your Voice single]
The Just Joans-Hey Boy… You’re Oh So Sensitive [Hey Boy… You’re Oh So Sensitive EP]
Wetdog-8 Days [Single]
Trafalgar-Seduce and Destroy [Myspace]
White Denim-Mess Your Hair Up [Let’s Talk About It EP]
The Kick Inside-The Sweet Smell Of Excess [Myspace]
Wire-All Fours [Object 47 LP]

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