Playlist for Monday, July 28th tunes galore!

In concert series-It was going to be The School Of Language but the CD crapped out so we played The Manhattan Love Suicides session from the WOXY…you can listen to it again here. that are spinning on the turntable this week

Blank Dogs-The Crystal Ladies [On Two Sides LP]
Bubblegum Lemonade-Just Like You [Susan’s In The Sky EP]
Cat Party-Jigsaw Thoughts [Jigsaw Thoughts single]
Furlined-Telephone Box [Love Comes In Canisters LP]
Facts About Funerals-Lousy Kisser [Love Songs & Funeral Homes LP]
goFASTER>>-A Modern Education [Myspace]
Levelload-Prototype 4649 [Yellow Fever LP]
Nacional-Yorkshire [single]
Plastic Passion-It’s Been Done [Contrived Imagery LP]
Popular Workshop-Reptilians [We’re Alive And We’re Not Alone LP]
She Keeps Bees-Focus [Nests LP]
Health-Heaven [Heaven EP]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-The Pains of Being Pure at Heart [Everything With You 7″]
The Accidental-Dream for Me [There were wolves LP]
The Great Northwest-Know What I Mean [The Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest LP]
Errors-Cutlery Drawer [It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever LP]
Johnny Foreigner-Salt, Pepper and Spindarella [Waited Up Til It Was Light LP]
Frightened Rabbit-Poke [The Midnight Organ Fight LP]
Make Model-On My Tod [Products Of Kin LP]
Now, Now Every Children-Not One, But Two [Not One, But Two EP]
Underground Railroad-25 [Sticks and Stones LP]
The Airfields-Icing Sugar [Up All Night LP
Untitled Musical Project-Face [Myspace]

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  1. great playlist! This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I’m going to subscribe. I’m from Portland, Oregon. I’m curious how you came across The Great Northwest. They are one of my favorite bands. “You know what I mean” was my summer song of 2006. I’m glad if finally found it’s way to a wider audience. I’d love it if you got a chance to tell me. I have a indie music blog of my own: Crappy Indie Music

    Stop by if you have the time! — Ste. Goldie

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