Playlist for Monday, October 26th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…

Public holiday today, and I’m stuck in this little room talking to myself, so….on with the show..

Bunnygrunt-1000% Not Creepy [Matt Harnish & Other Delights LP]
I Concur-Able Archer [Able Archer LP]
Lou Barlow-The Right [Goodnight Unknown LP]
Mugstar-I Got The Six [Today is the Wrong Shape LP]
Bitches-Hunting [Bitches Tape]
Katsen-German Film Star [It Hertz! LP}
Daily Bread-Blabbermouth [Well, You’re Not Invited LP]
Black Cab-Black Angel [Call Signs LP]
Copy Haho-Demons and gods [Too Pure Single]
Blessure Grave-Stop Breathing [Learn to Love the Rope EP]
Swanton Bombs-Sorrysayer [Tour Ep]
Black Math-Part Of Me [EP]
Wild Palms-Over…time… [Over…time… single]
Local Girls-Nick & Den Are Cunts [Weapons LP]
Mesmer-Some Disney Scene [The Ghost Of A Tennis Court LP]
Loverman-Miracle [Human Nurture LP]
Monotonix-Spit It On Your Face [Where Were You When It Happened? LP]
Banjo Or Freakout-The Week Before [Upside Down EP]
Piano Magic-The Nightmare Goes On [Ovations LP]
A Grave With No Name-And We Parted Ways at Mt.Jade [A Grave With No Name 7″ EP]
Royal Bangs-1993 [Let It Beep LP]
The Fauns-Road Meets The Sky [The Fauns LP]
The Soft Pack-Answer to Yourself [single]
Former Ghosts-Mother [Fleurs LP]
The Raveonettes-Suicide [In And Out Of Control LP]
Eternal Summers-In The Beginning [Eternal Summers EP]
Lunar Youth-Misfits [single]
Spiral Stairs-True Love [The Real Feel LP]
ZAZA-Arms Length [Cameo EP]

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